We Are

the Berkeley Investment Group

Our History

In 1997, the Berkeley Investment Group was founded to address the lack of a community for students interested in investing. Since then, the Berkeley Investment Group has launched multiple educational programs and developed an officer corps. The officers actively manage a fund of $70,000.

Our Members

Given access to industry professionals, educational programs, and hands-on investing opportunities, our members are ready to take on any workplace challenge. The Berkeley Investment Group provides its general members with exposure to both the buy and the sell-side, the opportunity to participate in case competitions, and the resources necessary to master value investing. Our officers have all spent a semester in an immersive investing course. Following which, they actively manage capital, pitch ideas, and work with our investors. Because of this, BIG is the place to hire undergraduates for internships and full-time positions on both the buy-side and the sell-side.

Our Investors

Our fund seeks to generate higher absolute and risk-adjusted returns than the S&P 500. We employ a flexible approach, investing in our best ideas across all countries, sectors, and market caps. Our focus is on fundamentally undervalued companies where our thesis is materially different from the market. We look for stocks where the market is missing something, causing the stock price to trade at less than its fair value. We consider not only on the potential upside of an investment, but also the potential downside. Our best ideas are those with asymmetric returns – high potential upside and low potential downside. To limit our downside, we look for businesses which have high barriers to entry and a competitive advantage in their industry. To learn more about our portfolio and investment process, please see our investor factsheet on our website: https://invest.berkeley.edu